Welcome to 風流 fuuryuu!

This site is dedicated to Japanese traditional culture, arts, crafts and aesthetics as contemplated by two former curators of Japanese arts collection. We have chosen the word fuuryuu 風流 as it stands for elegance, beauty and refinement so fundamental to Japanese culture. We will be introducing various topics related to Japanese traditional arts and crafts and their reception in Europe. We will be dealing with several Japanese collections in Europe and will touch upon the various interpretations of Japan in Western culture.We will be mainly focusing on traditional Japanese arts and crafts as well as topics relating to core aesthetic values underlying Japanese artistic expression.

About the authors

​Helena Gaudekova and Alice Kraemerova are former curators of the Japanese and Korean Collection (National Museum, Prague, Czech Republic). Alice Kraemerova has worked for the Museum for over 12 years when she was joined by Helena Gaudekova for three years. While both curators worked on their own research topics, they also cooperated and co-authored three books, numerous articles and several exhibitions. Even after retiring from the Museum the two curators continued to share their passion for Japanese arts, crafts and traditional culture. Based on their rich experience with the Japanese collections and research carried out in Prague as well as in Japan, the two authors decided to create this blog as an outlet for their unceasing fascination with Japan and a platform to share new findings of their research.​




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